Who owns the IP?

Aphero owns the IP. By Australian Law the IP is granted to the creator of the works.

Is the IP available for purchase?

Yes, at an agreed amount by both parties, plus legal costs for the purchaser.

Where is my database/app stored?

In a secure data facility. We use 2 different facilities located in Australia, this is for performance reasons. • Omni Connect, Melbourne • Global Switch, Sydney

What if the hosting company goes into receivership?

Not an issue, we move your database to another hosting provider.

Is the database backed up?

Yes, the database is backed up every 24hrs, and sent to you via FTP or Dropbox.

How do you charge?

We offer pre-paid hours in blocks of 10, new projects require a minimum of 2 blocks (20hrs), as we won’t be able to show you anything meaningful after the initial 10hrs.

What happens to unused hours?

Any unused hours are refundable.

Do you do fixed price projects?

No, we don’t. App/database development is not tangible, so it’s nearly impossible to predict what an project will end up costing. We do agile development, so the project is never scoped as a whole. You only pay for what you want to be developed.

What is agile development?

Adaptive planning, evolutionary development, early delivery, and continuous improvement, and it encourages rapid and flexible response to change.

Why don't you do fixed price projects?

There are 2 outcomes for fixed price projects: 1) Client wins. 2) Vendor wins. We don’t think either outcome is fair, the Client or Vendor loses in each outcome. In our experience, fixed price projects take longer, require in-depth scoping (at a cost), are inflexible and micromanaged. These are additional overheads for a development in both time and cost. We use the agile development methodology which compliments the rapid application software that we develop in.

How do projects stay on track?

We review the project with you every 10 hours. This is via a 5min video, face to face meeting or screen share.

Is the database transferrable?

Yes, any works created are completely transferrable should you want to engage another developer. The IP remains the property of Aphero unless purchased.

What happens in the event Aphero there is no developer available?

Aphero has a reciprocal agreement with Blackframe Software to look after our clients should the this occur .